Sales Engineer / Technical Sales (ERP)

Medan, Indonesia


  1. Possess mininum Diploma/Degree in Engineering, Computer Science/Information Technology, Marketing, or a related field from reputable universities
  2. Fluency in both Indonesian and English
  3. At least two years of working experience in IT-related field
  4. Situated in Medan but willing to travel out of town or to client locations
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills
  6. Excellent customer service skills
  7. Junior role also available based on experience

About this role

You are someone, who has worked in the IT field for at least two years. You appreciate the technical complexity in IT project delivery, especially in cloud software. You have hands-on experience with web-based products. If you have coding experience, you will be highly regarded in this role.

While you should have some sales background, your technical skills will count for more. This is not a sales job.

What you will need to be successful in this role:

  1. Strong technical skills
  2. Become the expert in products we sell, all its features and advantages
  3. Have great technical understanding of software implementation that helps appreciate the technical aspects of ERP/SaaS technologies
  4. Ability to articulate complex technical concepts in simple and clear way
  5. Great understanding of business processes with ERP in general
    Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  6. Engineering or programming background highly preferred (Python, API, database queries, so on)
  7. Familiarity with other ERP systems also desirable (SAP, Oracle, so on)
  8. At least two years solid experience in a similar role

Sales knowledge

  1. Knowledgeable in products we offer as well as the competitors
  2. Assist in product demos during sales pitches
  3. Experience in leading enterprise engagements
  4. Ability to coordinate comms between different contact points
  5. Soft skills, such as persuasion skills
  6. Have great professional courtesy and positivity to maintain our corporate image
  7. At least one year solid experience in a similar role


  1. Work with new and existing clients to understand their business goals and offer innovative solutions
  2. Provide advice on products/services to use
  3. Strong customer service skills
  4. Understand the importance of clear and polite communication when dealing with customers

What you will do:

  1. Become the expert in the products we sell, particularly in Odoo
  2. Complete on-the-job, professional trainings related to Odoo
  3. Presenting to customers or to lead instructional demos for a product
  4. Participate in requirements gathering and identify clients's needs that can benefit from company's products/services
  5. Lead training seminars with clients (training for trainers)
  6. Provide technical support to customers by conducting presentations or otherwise
  7. Partner with sales/marketing team in shaping proposals and throughout the sales cycle
  8. Work closely with engineering to bridge the technical gap between technology and business users
  9. Help research market or attend expos to keep up with trends and latest product/technology development